ICEBIRD 2010 - 2012

Low altitude remote sensing of Svalbard landscape 2008 – 2009

The projects aim is to develop and use a suitable platform for aerial survey missions on Svalbard. Main focus of the project is:
  • Aerial survey of human activity and environmental pollution on Svalbard
  • Documentation of snow avalanches and development of snow cornices within the CRYOSLOPE Svalbard project. Read more here
  • Aerial mapping of crevasse pattern on surge type glaciers. Work carried out in connection with the GLACIODYN project. Read more here
  • Aerial mapping of ice wedges for climate research at the ice wedge site of Hanne H. Christiansen
  • Documentation of cultural heritage sites on Svalbard

Please find the full project description here (.pdf)

The project is supported by:

Kolibri Geo Services | Frivollveien 70 4950 Risør Norway | Tel: +47 984 74 585 |